Visitors to our Class Blog

 The First Graders are now blogging! We would love to have you visit our blog and comment. Please follow these simple safety rules when commenting on our blog!
1. Please do not use last names that will refer back to students in the class on this blog.  Feel free to post as “Billy’s Mom” or “Cindy’s Grandpa”.  This blog will only contain the first names of the children in the class, and in some occasions only student initials.2. Please do not post any personal contact information  such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or home addresses.3. Please use only positive language.  Our goal is to do our very best and that will look different for each of us.  Please celebrate our achievements with us.

4. Please try as best as you are able to model proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Mrs. Langhus will try to keep blogging and comments by students as authentic as possible.  As grade one students we may have grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors but please  remember we are still learning how to become better writers.  Hopefully over time you’ll notice the improvements in our writing.

5. All comments will be approved before posted.

Still worried about on line safety for your child?  Here’s a great child appropriate
link to share with your children about on line safety.  Here’s another one from Brain Pop Jr. (Thank you to Karen Lirenman for providing the resource for these rules)

6 responses to “Visitors to our Class Blog

  1. oops just noticed the last name. sorry I included it.

  2. I’ve had a blog for years and am happy to see how you’re incorporating spelling, writing and technology in a fun and educational way. I’m eager to see what the First Graders have to say!

  3. Emory”s Grandma It is so nice to see what you are doing is school! That Ice cream looked delicious!!!

  4. Emory It is so nice to see what you are doing is school! That Ice cream looked delicious!!!

  5. This bunch of awesome first graders look ready to learn. I’m thrilled to see you all reading and happy to have books!

  6. Hola 1st graders. This is Teddy’s mom. It’s 3AM in the morning and I am up feeding the girls. I am sure all of you are sound asleep having sweet dreams. Have a great day everyone! Kysa

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