June 11, 2016

The First Graders have finished their tour around the seven continents and four oceans this week.  The First Grade classroom was visited by some very special people over the course of the past weeks. On Monday morning, Claire’s mom Mary came in to teach us about Australia. The students learned about animals, culture and got to taste Vegemite and passion fruit yogurt~yum! Next on Monday afternoon, the First Graders traveled to the African continent and visited Ghana with Elizabeth, Liam’s sister. We saw authentic fabric from Ghana and learned a bit about colonization in Africa. DSCN5145DSCN5149DSCN5160DSCN5164DSCN5170On Tuesday morning, we were off to New Zealand with Elie’s dad. Tyee showed the class The Haka which is a dance of strength performed before rugby games by the New Zealand All Blacks. He also shared kiwis with us!  In the afternoon, Lucy’s mom and dad came in to present Japan. We got to see the interesting culture of Japan and watch Naoko dance in a Japanese musical production. It was amazing!DSCN5173DSCN5176DSCN5181On Wednesday, Emma’s mom and dad taught us about the rich history of Iran. The First Graders got to eat some sweet treats from Persia. So good! After Iran, it was back to Europe with a Skype session with our very own Andrew who left the school year early to travel in Europe. We caught up with him in Germany and got to see where he was staying and the view of a beautiful church off his balcony. It was so good to see Andrew! In the afternoon, Grammie San was back! This time Lucy and Griffin’s grandma showed us amazing photos from India, some beautiful needlework and a statue of a goddess. The students learned about the colorful dress traditions of India. So beautiful!DSCN5183DSCN5185DSCN5187DSCN5193DSCN5197On Thursday morning, we were visited by Daniela’s mom who told us about their adventures in the Czech Republic. The students were treated to authentic art and some delicious pastries. Next, the class was treated to a play about the 7 continents and 4 oceans put together by a few students who go to YDP after school. I love that they are playing and learning! In the afternoon on Thursday, it was off to England with Will’s mom. Tricia brought in some interesting books , newspapers and some chocolaty treats from England. DSCN5199DSCN5205DSCN5211DSCN5218

Finally on Friday morning, we visited Thailand with Teddy’s mom. It was a true adventure compete with interesting facts and costumes from Thailand. Kysa finished her presentation with some snack food very different from what we usually eat…deep fried crickets! I was amazing how many students were brave enough to try! DSCN5228

Thank you so much parents for sharing your time and travels with our class. Our Earth is such a fascinating place to explore! I believe the First Graders have seen  the amazing diversity of our Earth on our virtual tour of the 7 continents.DSCN5201

Wednesday, June 15th the First Graders will visit the Second Grade classroom for a sneak peek into what next year will be like with the wonderful Ms. Witka.

This final week of First Grade (sob), we will be reviewing all our units of study over the year and doing some final assessments. I am so proud of these amazing children. Thank you for all your support and collaboration in educating your child! I am excited for their next step in Second Grade but will miss the curious and loving nature of this group of students until I see them again in Fourth Grade!

I am looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday at 2:15  to celebrate this year with our End of the Year Party.

Coming up:

Thursday, June 16th – End of the year party at 2:30

Friday, June 17th  ~ Early Dismissal for last day of school.


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