June 3rd, 2016

The First Graders continued to travel the world virtually through reading books, investigating atlas, watching video and visits from parents sharing their authentic experiences. This week, our travels took us to Europe and South America. On Tuesday afternoon, Ms. Yuhas visited the classroom to explain some of the wonders on our First Grade Wonder Wall. The students learned about the earths seasons by looking at the relationship between the sun and the earth.  It was an interactive and curiosity driven lesson complete with a question and answer session. As Ms. Yuhas was leaving our classroom, one First Grader said “That was really interesting!” Love it!DSCN5086DSCN5089DSCN5091

On Wednesday morning, Charlotte’s mom came in to teach the class about Argentina. The First Graders saw the Argentinian flag and watched a tango. We also learned that our very own Portland Timbers have a Argentinian player, Diego Valeri! Later on Wednesday, we traveled over to Europe with Lucy and Griffin’s Grandma. Grammie San showed the students her beautiful photographs of Venice, Italy during Carnivale. Wow! The students made the connection between Carnivale and Mardi Gras while watching the wonderful masks and colors of the Italian celebration. Grammie San even brought authentic masks bought in a little shop in Venice.  We can’t wait for Grammie San to visit again next week when we head to Asia!DSCN5093DSCN5096DSCN5100DSCN5106

The First Graders and I are looking forward to more visitors this week!

Coming up:

Friday, June 10th ~ Field day in the afternoon

Thursday, June 16th ~ End of the Year Movie Premiere and Party! ~ 2:30 pm  Please don’t miss this important closure to our year!


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