May 31st, 2016

When it came to beginning our virtual trip around the world, we logically began with the continent we are standing on: the North American continent. A person can’t travel around the world without some luggage and a passport, so each student has a suitcase and a passport to hold and record the important information they have and will be collecting. The students did research on the North American continent using this Listly I created to find which countries make up our continent and some interesting facts. Each student created a wonder for our Wonder Wall about the Earth as well as identified land and water on a class map of North America. Come on in and check both out! Our studies of Mexico included a Mexican fiesta complete with chips and salsa and the traditional dance, the Mexican Hat Dance. On Thursday, we traveled way south to Antarctica. The students learned this is the coldest place on Earth. We ate Popsicles to celebrate Antarctica. This week we are off to Europe and South America!DSCN4974DSCN4981DSCN4987DSCN4995DSCN4983DSCN4999DSCN5009DSCN5077DSCN5011

We had our first parent presenter on Friday before the Jog-a-thon. Cole’s mom came in to talk about her experience growing up in the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. The fascinating photos she showed had the First Graders enthralled. The students played instruments and learned a Native American song. It was loads of fun! Thanks to Mary! I have some parents coming in to present to the class about their travels around the world. Contact me to schedule your time.DSCN5017DSCN5071

This week in math, the First Graders have been practicing time on the hour and half hour. The students looked at an analog clock and a digital clock. This concept is a review for some students and brand new for others. Please take the time to practice time on an analog clock as it comes up in your lives at home. Thanks.DSCN4970

Spirit Week was a blast! Thanks for supporting our Madeleine School spirit at the Jog-a-thon! It was a success!DSCN5021DSCN5047DSCN5070

Coming up:

Thursday, June 2nd ~ Last Mass of the year at 2:00 pm ~ Join us!


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