May 22nd, 2016

Now boarding…As our year together in First Grade comes to a close, the First Graders began exploring the continents and oceans of the world as we take a virtual field trip! We began our studies in small groups working together to comparing a map vs. a globe. The students quickly discovered a map was flat and a globe was round. Together, we talked about how a globe is an accurate representation of the Earth as it is a sphere and a map is useful because it is easy to travel with. The First Graders learned that the Earth can be divided different ways, by hemispheres or by the seven continents and four oceans. DSCN4967DSCN4968

The First Graders read each other’s poems this week and practiced creating a meaningful comment. Check them out here and add your own! I am working on a hardback poetry book on with all the First Graders poems included. Stay tuned for the link to purchase. DSCN4936DSCN4938DSCN4941

End of the year assessments have begun and I am meeting individually with each student to read. I am blown away by the progress each First Grader has made! After all these years teaching First Grade, it never ceases to amaze me how much each student grows over the course of this First Grade year in reading and writing! It is an honor to be a part of their journey. I will be assessing math facts coming up in the next couple of weeks. Please practice at home!DSCN4892

I hope you can come share your knowledge and experience with us by presenting to the class about your travels around the world. Contact me to schedule your time!

This will be the last week for spelling and Sunshine Math. Thanks for your support at home  with these skills.

Photos of the week…DSCN4891

Our field trip was great!

Our field trip was great!


Coming up next week is Spirit Week! Check out the schedule…

  • Monday, May 23 – Pajama Day – Wear your PJs to school.
  • Tuesday, May 24 – Tourist Tuesday – Dress up like a tourist exploring the world. Wear things like khaki shorts, Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, and funny hats (but don’t wear the hats in the classroom, of course!).
  • Wednesday, May 25 – Way Back Wednesday – Dress up from a time period in the past. Medieval, 1980s, or World War II – it’s all up to you!
  • Thursday, May 26 – Dress Your Best – In honor of Mass on Thursday, put on your Sunday best. Come to school in a tie, bow tie, collared shirt, dress or skirt.
  • Friday, May 27 – Ready to Run – It’s time for the Jogathon! Come to school in running gear such as tennis shoes, athletic shorts, and a t-shirt. Get ready to run and support our school.

The First Graders are very curious about the world! This will be a fun way to end our time together.

God Bless,



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