May 15th, 2016

It was another busy wonderful week in First Grade. We spent the week immersed in poetry. The process of writing the poems begins with thinking creatively. Looking at a shell, marble, rock and feather as what they could be. The idea of opening your mind to possibilities is the underlying lesson here. Innovative thinking will be an important component in each students success.  I was so impressed with the initial brainstorming this group did! These are some deep thinkers who aren’t afraid to let their ideas flow.  The Seventh Graders visited our classroom to listen to the First Graders practice reading their poems slowly and with volume. It was another example of how awesome The Madeleine students are. The Seventh Graders were so encouraging and complimentary to our First Graders, it was touching. Even with practice, it was not easy for the students to get up in front of a room full of people and read their poems but each one did. Wow! I am so proud of their courage! The First Graders have added their poem with a picture of the item they wrote about to their blogs. Check them out hereDSCN4799DSCN4801DSCN4802

On Tuesday afternoon, the classroom was visited by a wonderful poet, a grandfather to Madeleine students Jackson (2nd) and Gavin Diani (K), Mr. Gunther Hoffmann! Mr. Hoffmann presented the class with some of his published poems and  talked about what inspires his poetry. It was awesome to have Mr. Hoffman share his passion for poetry to the students.  Here is one of his published poems shown below with permission from Mr. Hoffmann;


   Most precious gift God giveth thee

Is that of your own family.

So cherish it with all your heart;

Life goes by fast, too soon we part.

Gunther H. HoffmannDSCN4827

Thank you so much for coming to our Poetry Reading on Friday afternoon! It was packed in here and the First Graders read their amazingly authentic poems loud and proud. We worked hard all week getting ready for the big event. Thank you to all the Moms who came and helped set up for the reception and to Meg and Dan for taking photos!

Grandparents and Special Friends visited our classroom and accompanied us to Mass on Thursday afternoon. It was a perfect event!DSCN4867DSCN4874DSCN4862DSCN4868

Coming up:

Tuesday, May 17th ~ Field trip to see Snow White~ Uniforms please

Thursday, May 19th ~ All school Mass~ Join us at 2:00pm

Next week is Spirit Week. Please check out Friday Footnotes for the schedule.

God Bless,





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