May 8th, 2016

During the month of May, we honor Mary, the mother of God. We started the week celebrating with the whole school at our Monday morning assembly with each grade presenting a statue of Mary a beautiful bouquet created by the students from that grade. At the end of Monday, First Grade celebrated in our class community with our own May crowing of Mary complete with prayer circle around our statue of Mary. This week the First Graders looked at the devotion of the Holy Rosary which is a tradition treasured by the church for many centuries. The students looked at the holy beads, review/learned the Hail Mary and prayed a decade of the Rosary. We will be praying a decade each day and students are welcome to bring in a Rosary to pray along.DSCN4673DSCN4701DSCN4696DSCN4705DSCN4779DSCN4787

This week concluded our studies of the Earth and the natural resources she provides us. The students learned that people use and must protect the Earth’s natural resources. In the last two weeks, the students have traveled to the science lab, hypothesized, observed, recorded, listened to speakers (thank you to Molly Briscoe and Darwin from METRO) and wondered about our wonderful Earth and how we can protect our precious resources. The students reviewed our responsibilities to reduce, reuse and recycle to minimize our use of those resources.  We concentrated our discussions on pollution.  The First Graders made many connections to their own lives while we have been studying the 3 R’s.  The students have been singing and dancing to 3 R’s by Jack Johnson! Ask your First Grader how he/she can help take care of our Earth. DSCN4628 DSCN4632 DSCN4640DSCN4656DSCN4665DSCN4652DSCN4742DSCN4759DSCN4767DSCN4751DSCN4669

We are working away at creating poems to read at our Poetry Reading this Friday at 2:30. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Some photos from the week:


Practicing spelling words


Sharing writing



Coming up:

Thursday, May 12th ~ Grandparents Day with Mass at 2 pm

Friday, May 13th ~ Poetry Reading at 2:30!



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