April 23rd, 2016

This week in First Grade, the students began studying the Earth. The Earth is composed of land, water and surrounding atmosphere. The First Graders read about and created posters showing the different land forms and bodies of water that make up the Earths surface. Natural resources make up the surface of the Earth and we have a responsibility to use and protect the Earth’s resources as a gift from God. Gabrielle Rossi from Rossi Farms visited the classroom on Friday afternoon to share how her family farm uses and protects the gift of soil, plants and animals. The First Graders were thrilled to feed and pet Pumpkin and Marshmallow, Gabrielle’s goats. I hope your family enjoyed the yummy potatoes Gabrielle shared with the students!DSCN4551DSCN4556DSCN4557DSCN4577DSCN4580DSCN4586DSCN4594DSCN4585

Photos of the week…DSCN4565DSCN4568DSCN4573DSCN4575DSCN4542

Coming up:

Thursday April 28th ~ First Grade leads Mass~ Join us at 2:00 pm

Friday, April 29th ~ No School


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