April 18, 2016

It’s a wrap! We finished our studies on birds this week by creating two blog posts showing knowledge of adaptation reflecting on our nest building project. Over the course of the last week, we heard oral reports from the First Graders showing their extensive knowledge of the bird they chose for their bird report. Taking that knowledge, the students looked at their bird and chose an adaptation specific to it and talked about it in the app Explain Everything. Next the students reflected on and wrote a blog post about the nest they designed and build with a partner. During Tech Time with Mrs. Anderson, the students took time to read and write thoughtful comments on each others posts. Please read and comment on their blogs here. The First Graders finished their paper mache birds by adding feathers and the birds flew home with each student. On Wednesday, the students explored Wonderopolis many posts about birds. It was a fun couple of weeks exploring all the different birds and how they are the same and different!DSCN4495DSCN4496DSCN4503DSCN4520DSCN4521DSCN4519DSCN4524DSCN4522


Next week, our class will begin using Talking about Touching: A Personal Safety Guide Curriculum for First Grade.  This program teaches children skills that will help keep them safe from dangerous or abusive situations.  Children also learn to ask for help when they need it.  The program is divided into three units:

  • Personal safety: This unit teaches children rules that will help keep them safe in potentially dangerous situations.
  • Touching safety: This unit focuses on teaching children to identify unsafe touches and say “NO!” and get away, and tell a grown up if someone tries to touch their private parts. Children are also taught not to keep secrets about touching.
  • Assertiveness and support:  This unit gives children a chance to practice getting out of unsafe situations and to ask a grown-up for help if they need it.

The curriculum is taught through a series of cards that are available for you to come in and check out if you would like to see how the material will be presented.

The First Graders are becoming amazing writers! I am so proud of their focus and stamina at writing time. The students are applying the 6 plus 1 traits of writing to their work. Each day after Writer’s Workshop, many students share their writing and we all get to point out good ideas, organization,word choice, voice, and now sentence fluency. If you don’t have a writing journal at home for your First Grader to be practicing, now is the time! DSCN4514DSCN4510DSCN4517DSCN4511

Coming up:

Thursday, April 21st ~ All School Mass at 2:00 pm ~ Join us!

Thursday, April 28th ~ First Grade leads Mass at 2:00 pm


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