April 3, 2016

Happy Easter! Our church has entered the Easter season. The First Graders spent some time reflecting on the celebration of new life won for us by Jesus through his life, death and resurrection. We spent some time outside observing signs of new life in nature to echo our religion studies of new life.DSCN4322DSCN4325DSCN4334

We have gone to the birds in First Grade!  We began our bird unit discussing what we know about birds such as what they need to live and then what we wondered about birds. Before spring break, our field trip to the zoo kicked off our curiosity about birds. It was a wonderful day and a special thank you goes out to the Mom’s who came out with us! Thank you Mary, Catherine, Kristin and Sarah!DSCN4236DSCN4240DSCN4244DSCN4248

The students spent thoughtful time pouring over hundreds of bird pamphlets deciding on a bird for their bird report. We spent  our tech time this week exploring birds online.  The students have listened to and read books both fiction and non-fiction about birds. The First Graders even learned a french song about a lark, Alouette. Our studies of the migration of birds provide an opportunity for the students to observe the globe and understand that our Earth is cold at the poles and warmer near the equator. The First Graders have shared with me their enthusiasm for the Bird Report Project.  I am so looking forward to hearing each presentation!  Next week, we will continue our bird studies learning about adaptation, habitat and how birds grow.  Friday, we traveled down to the science lab to create our paper mache birds. Thank you to the Moms who helped out! We ended the week by playing Migration Tag. It is all about birds!DSCN4312DSCN4314DSCN4345DSCN4346DSCN4361DSCN4364DSCN4365DSCN4371DSCN4374

The students will be painting their birds this coming Wednesday, April 6th with Mrs. Galash during art class. Mrs. Galash has requested 2-3 volunteers to help with distributing the many colors the birds of the First Grade need to create their bird report birds. Please let me know if you can stop by from 12:25-1:20!

In math this week , we entered into the world of Geometry. We looked at two dimensional shapes using vocabulary words such as sides and vertices to describe the shapes. On Friday, we created geometric bird houses for our art gallery that surrounds our room. Pop you head in on Monday morning to see the colorful display of squares, triangles, circles, rectangles and trapezoids!

The First Graders really enjoy learning about authors!  This week our focus has been on Chris Van Allsburg.  Mr. Van Allsburg’s books are perfect for teaching the reading strategy of inference.  We infer all day long.  Inferring is about reading expressions and body language but also can be applied to text.  Closely related to predicting, inferring meaning is finding meaning that is not explicitly stated.  For example when we predict we might ask “What will happen next?”  Inferring is more like asking “I wonder what the author meant?”  When we infer, we are using our background knowledge (schema) along with the clues and evidence from the text to make meaning of the text. I modeled how inference works while reading many books by Chris Van Allsburg.  The students realized they infer all the time they just didn’t realize it!

Some photos from the week:


Bird shirt for free dress!



Music Class

Coming up:

Thursday, April 7th ~ Middle school Mass only

Friday, April 8th ~ Multi Cultural Arts Festival ~ join us after community read if you can!

Tuesday, April 12th ~ First Grade in charge of St. Steven’s Lunches



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