March 13, 2016

This week, the First Graders put the finishing touches on their community buildings, posted a on our blog, recited a community march (it starts “I don’t know what you’ve been told” try it out on your First Grader to hear the words!), and learned from a community book. The students were introduced to important vocabulary such as rural, urban, and suburban communities. The First Graders took an assessment and brought home their important buildings to wrap up our studies.DSCN4169DSCN4181DSCN4170DSCN4177DSCN4180DSCN4173

Next week, begins our third and final trimester of First Grade.  The spelling homework sheet  will have a slight change in that I would like the students to write a complete sentence for each spelling word complete with punctuation and capitalization as well as interesting word choice.  Please encourage your First Grader to do their best work on their homework.  It is a great habit to get into.

Please plan on working on math facts as a part of nightly homework this final trimester. The First Graders should be using mental math moving away from using fingers to reach the target below. There are links to math websites on this blog as well as many apps for practicing math facts on iPads, iPhones or Androids. Let me know if you need some suggestions! First Grade Standards state a student should “Add and subtract within 20, demonstrating fluency for addition and subtraction within 10”. Here is a breakdown of what the students should know to be fluent by the end of First Grade:

Basic Fact Fluency – 3rd Trimester targets – 1 minute

Addition Subtraction
Not Meeting (1) 0-9 0-6
Progressing (2) 10-19 7-11
Meeting (3) 20-29 12-26
Advanced Achievement 30+ 27+

Remember: First Graders can practice spelling words at the SpellingCity website! There are fun games they can play that help them review previous weeks words and to spell this weeks words.

Some photos from the week!


Teaching us about Spirograph


Our Calendar Leader leading us.


Checking out an important building.

Coming up:

Wednesday, March 16th ~ Field Trip to Audubon ~Please pack a sack lunch

Thursday, March 17th ~ All School Mass ~ Join us!

Friday, March 18th ~ Talent Show at 1:45-3:00 pm ~ Join us!


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