March 6, 2016

Our community unit has taken over! We started this last week by focusing on our core community, family. Please check out the family portraits the First Graders worked very hard on over the last week. They put a lot of love into their work! We have talked about the different kinds of communities exploring the difference between rural and urban communities.  Each community relies on its members being good citizens. At Tech Time this week, the students visited the computer lab  to create urban and rural communities. Check out the site here. The First Graders have determined the most important buildings in our community via a brainstorming session. The students learned that businesses in our community provide either goods or services. Each student worked with a partner to create a building for our classroom street out of the recycled materials donated by you! It was our most successful project to date in terms of  working together with a partner using skills such as compromise and negotiation.  Please come visit the First Grade Street after school Tuesday or Wednesday. Buildings will be coming home sometime after Wednesday.DSCN4083DSCN4080DSCN4111DSCN4149DSCN4152DSCN4158

This week our class was able to connect with Mrs. Malchow’s First Grade class in Pulaski, Wisconsin to play a game called Mystery Number Skype! We tried last week but were met with technical difficulties so this second time we were really ready to connect. Our classes were able to connect on Twitter as well. If you missed our Twitter exchange, here it is. Ask your First Grader how Mystery Number Skype works!DSCN4148

On Monday for our religion time, we had the opportunity to meet with Deacon Mike over at the church to learn about the Stations of the Cross. The First Graders prayed and created their own stations by coloring the 14 stations. The finished product is displayed in the church under the beautiful mosaic stations. Please check them out! The First Graders did an amazing job leading Mass this past Thursday. I couldn’t have been more proud of the reading, singing and reverence shown by the students! Thanks for your support with practicing and coming to celebrate Mass with us!DSCN4084DSCN4115DSCN4114

We had more wonderful sharing experiences this week where we learned many interesting facts from each other. It was another wonderful week in First Grade!DSCN4094DSCN4145DSCN4134DSCN4132DSCN4140

Coming up:

Friday, March 11th ~ Half Day dismissal at 11:30

Tuesday, March 16th ~ Field Trip ~ please turn in your forms!

God Bless,



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