February 28, 2016

Wow! We packed a lot into a short week last week! Can you believe there have been 100 days of school already this year? We celebrated our 100th day on Tuesday this past week with the Kindergartners and the Second Graders. We started the day in the Parish Hall with a movement video counting to 100. Then Ms. Savery read a book before each class took turns rotating around the Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade classrooms. Each teacher had an activity for the students. In the First Grade classroom, the students used the iPad minis to time how long it took to do 100 jumping jacks and 100 sit-ups. The classrooms were abuzz with activity and it was a blast!  There was a lot of counting going on!IMG_6887IMG_6946IMG_9732

At math time, we have been reviewing understanding of place value up to 100. The students had many opportunities to count sets of connecting cubes into groups of tens and then identify the ones leftover when determining the quantity. Each day, the weather leader leads us in guessing what the temperature outside is using the math vocabulary of greater than or less than. This past week, the students reviewed the math symbols for greater than and less than.

Our sharing this week has been wonderful! Thanks for sending your First Grader prepared to present in front of the class. DSCN4020DSCN4022DSCN4062DSCN4047

Many mornings a week in the First Grade classroom, the students practice their handwriting for 15 minutes.  Research suggests that proficient writing skills improves letter recognition and supports reading development.  Each day we work on posture and pencil grip to create good writing habits that will support legible writing.  Writing legibly is one of the keys to academic success and is becoming second nature to these students! Please encourage your child to take their time and write letters correctly when doing spelling homework.

For the month of February, the First Graders have been working on word choice in their writing. The students have listened to stories read out loud and have learned about adjectives. The students wrote adjectives describing each other on our our wonder wall. Come in and check them out! When writing the story of Noah’s Ark from the animal they choose’s point of view, the First Graders were reminded to use interesting word choice and they certainly did! I hope you can take a moment to read some of the fabulous stories of Noah’s journey outside the classroom. DSCN4025DSCN4029IMG_9734

*Date Change for bringing in recycled cardboard! Please send in the recycled cardboard boxes you have been collecting in this Wednesday. Thanks!

First Grade will be leading Mass this coming Thursday, March 3rd for the primary grades. Please check your First Graders Friday Folder for Mass readings to practice up to Thursday. I hope you can join us! The First Graders lead Mass again on Thursday, April 28th.

Some great photos from the week:

Saint of the Day book

Saint of the Day book


Coming up:

Sharing week continues!

Wednesday, March 2nd ~ Send in cardboard boxes!

Thursday, March 3rd ~ First Grade leads Mass at 2:00 ~Join us!


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