February 21, 2016

This week in science, the First Graders learned about the 3rd state of matter, gas. Ms. Yuhas helped out with a lab to show how gas can be produced by a chemical reaction and that gas takes up space.  As we reviewed  the states of matter, our scientific wondering lead us to thinking about how matter changes states. How does a solid change to a liquid? How does a liquid change to a solid? We explored how matter changes from one state to another by observing and hands-on experimenting.  We found that  a force of energy in the form of heat or cold is required to change the state of matter through observing a lit candle (from solid to liquid) and then making ice cream (from a liquid to solid). Each First Grader created a blog post to show his/her knowledge of the 3 states of matter. I hope you can take a moment to watch, listen and comment on these blog posts. Please remember not to use last names when commenting. We will wrap up our unit on matter Monday with a final assessment. DSCN3941DSCN3945DSCN3955


Hold onto those cardboard boxes for another week please! I will be asking for them to be brought in next Monday, March 7th. Thanks!

The First Graders practiced retelling a story through an author study of Emily Arnold McCully. They worked in small groups to determine the important parts in the beginning, middle and end of the book there group chose. I am so proud of the team work and quality of the conversations in the groups!

Some moments from our short week…DSCN3960DSCN3963DSCN3966DSCN3975

Coming up:

Thursday, February 25th ~ All school Mass at 2:00 ~ Join us!

~Science Night 6:00 pm

Thursday, March 3rd ~ First Grade leads Mass at 2:00 ~ Join us!




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