February 14, 2016

Last week was a fun filled week with Mardi Gras and our Valentine’s Day Party! Thanks to our wonderful room parents who planned, prepared and ran a super fun party on Friday! I was so happy to see all the parents who were able to join us in the celebration. I received some beautiful Valentine’s this year; your children are very creative! Thank you!DSCN3859DSCN3862DSCN3884DSCN3925DSCN3922DSCN3916DSCN3923

The First Graders joined with other First Graders around the country this week by participating in #mtgr1 (math talk grade 1) started by Mrs. DeGroot in Iowa. The students had so much fun looking at a Valentine photo and searching for the math in it. There were many ideas we talked about and explored using math vocabulary. Our class tweeter of the week helped Tweet out our ideas! Check them out here. So much fun! In other math news, the students worked on the concept of 10 more and 10 less. Some students chose to take some extra work home in their Friday Folders. Please check for the math sheet and work with your First Grader on this concept over the weekend. It can be a hard one to grasp. Thanks!DSCN3903DSCN3904

Our studies in to the matter that is all around us continued this week. The First Graders experimented with the viscosity of liquids (how fast does it flow). We explored how matter changes from one state to another by observing and hands-on experimenting. We found that heat or cold is required to change the state of matter through observing a lit candle (from solid to liquid) and then making ice cream (from a liquid to solid). It is really fun!  Next week, we will conclude our studies with matter with a quick look at the state of gas as well as add a post to our blog stating each students knowledge of the states of matter. Special thanks to all who helped out bringing in supplies for our ice cream experiment!DSCN3875DSCN3878


Ms. Yuhas dropped by to explain how matter changes states.


It’s cold!


A toast to the delicious changing states of matter!


In a couple of weeks, we will start our community unit and I will be collecting recycled cardboard items such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls; anything that could be used to build a community coming up.  No items that contained food please! Please bring collected items on Monday, March 7th!

More moments from our week!DSCN3874DSCN3879DSCN3892DSCN3894DSCN3898

Coming up:

Thursday, February 18th ~ All School Mass at 2pm ~ Join us!



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