February 8, 2016

It was an exciting Catholic Schools Week here in First Grade! It was nice to take a day to appreciate each other.  On Monday, the teachers were treated to a special lunch! Thank you! It was so nice to see  all you parents here eating hot lunch with your First Grader. On Tuesday, the students enjoyed a fun activity; the entire student body participated in a Friendship Family game rotation throughout the whole school.  It was a lot of fun!  Finally on Thursday, we celebrated Mass together with homemade chocolate chip cookies given out at the end. Thank you to you, parents for all your support this year! It was a wonderful week!DSCN3784DSCN3787DSCN3789DSCN3795

In science this week and last, we have been exploring the physical science of matter.  Current thought regarding science education is deeply rooted in the belief that children are naturally curious and that inquiry is the heart of learning.  The First Graders brainstormed how we could identify the properties of matter by color, shape and material it is made out of.  Then they experimented with a variety of solid objects to determine even more properties solids can be sorted by such as whether each item rolls, stacks, sinks, floats or is magnetic.  The students worked in pairs at stations recording observations in their science journals. This coming week, we will continue investigating solids, liquids and gas.

Sorting solid matter by it's properties.

Sorting solid matter by it’s properties.


Testing if an solid item sinks or floats.

Testing if an solid item sinks or floats.

Is the solid item stackable?

Is the solid item stackable?

Is it magnetic?

Is it magnetic?

Does it roll?

Does it roll?

Please quiz your First Grader on adding doubles (6+6=12, 7+7=14, 8+8=16, 9+9=18) and ways to make 10 (6+4=10, 7+3=10, 8+2=10). They really need to know these automatically as a base as we continue our studies in math.

Please start saving up recycled cardboard items such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes, paper towel roles, toilet paper rolls; anything that could be used to build a community.  No food containers!  Keep these items at home and stay tuned for when to bring them in, in a couple of weeks!  Fun project coming up!

Some photos from the week:


Each day we start our day with prayer.


Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance


Our Calendar Leader is recording the weather on our classroom calendar.


Feast day of St. Blaise getting our throats blessed.


Coming up:

February 9th ~ Mardi Gras Mass at 6pm with party after ~ Please join in the fun!

February 10th ~ Late Start ~ School starts at 10:15 ~  Ash Wednesday Mass at 1:30

February 12th ~ Valentines party at 2:30 ~ All are invited!

February 15th and 16th~ No School

God Bless,




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