January 31, 2016

In January, the First Graders have been focusing on long vowels. Most long vowels follow the rules of silent “e” at the end or two vowels next to each other. With the silent “e”, we say that the e is pinching the other vowel to say it’s name. With two vowels, we say two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. We have covered  long a, long i and long 0 with long e and u coming up. Please help your First Grader to notice long vowels in their writing at home.

At writing time, the First Graders are working on finding their voice. I have been conferencing with the writers and am proud of the progress they are making. Here are some photos from our weekly class photographer Lucy M. of our writing time! All through the month during read a loud time, the First Graders and I looked for and noticed what kind of feeling the authors were trying to share and the words they chose to create the emotion. When you are reading nightly with your First Grader, please take a moment to talk about the authors voice in the stories you are reading. DSCN3729DSCN3736DSCN3738DSCN3733

The First Graders worked this week on the skill of researching to build and present knowledge. Using the site Wonderopolis, the students researched the history of quilts. They listened and read a non-fiction article on How Quilts Tell a Story. Then each student recorded 3 facts they learned from the text and drew a diagram of their favorite quilt pattern. We will build on these research skills for the remainder of the school year to write informational texts based on research. I was amazed by their hard work and focus on this assignment. DSCN3757DSCN3758DSCN3759DSCN3762

Next week is Catholic Schools week! Monday will be free dress for the first day of the month.  It will be a fun week! For more details about Catholic Schools week, check out Friday Footnotes this week sent out by Mrs. Steele

Please remember to support our school-wide service project “Pennies for the Poor” benefiting St. Andre Bassette homeless ministry for Catholic Schools Week. Bring in Paper and Pennies are Plus (put in First Grade tub) and Silver is Subtract (put in other grades tub). Tubs will be in the front hallway as you walk into school. Thanks!

Some fun photos from the week:


Please start saving up recycled cardboard items such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes, paper towel roles, toilet paper rolls; anything that could be used to build a community.  No food containers!  Keep these items at home and stay tuned for when to bring them in, in a couple of weeks!  Fun project coming up!

Coming up:

Thursday, February 4th ~ All school Mass at 2:00 pm ~ Join us!

Friday, February 5th ~ No School for Archdiocesan In-Service


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