January 18th, 2016

This week, the First Graders continued to talk about weather and the water cycle. The students heard Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and looked at the actual photographs Wilson Bentley took! On Friday afternoon, Ms. Yuhas  prepared a condensation lab for the students to observe all the stages of the water cycle. The First Graders first observed a beaker full of water and determined this was representative of accumulation of water, such as an ocean or a puddle. Next the beaker was set on a hot plate which caused water vapor or steam to rise from the surface of the water. One excited First Grader shouted “Evaporation!” Then Ms. Yuhas placed a plate of ice over the beaker to represent the colder temperatures at higher altitudes. The students were able to observe what happens when warm water vapor meets cold air; it condenses and forms clouds. As the clouds get heavier with more and more water, it begins to rain or cause precipitation. The cycle begins again! Each student recorded observations on a sheet complete with illustrations and labels. We are a class of scientists!DSCN3623DSCN3647DSCN3664DSCN3653DSCN3669

In religion this week, the First Graders learned about the Creation story from Genesis. The students worked on the Creation book found in Friday Folders this week. Then students read and shared their pages with the class. As Catholics, we believe God created all things to show his love for us. God wants us to take care of his creation. We talked about how we can take care of our environment, each other and our own body; all our gifts from God.DSCN3639DSCN3640

we used the iPads to read QR codes that took the students to sites about Martin Luther King, Jr. to help complete a book about the timeline of this great man’s life.  We watched and listened to the I Have A Dream speech as the students worked with a partner on their pages for the collaborative book. Look for it at the next Community Read!DSCN3642DSCN3645

Thank you for supporting our homework schedule. Almost all homework was turned in on Friday. Please remember to turn in homework folders on Friday.

Photos from the week…


Coming up:

Thursday, January 21st ~ All School Mass 2:00 pm ~ Join us!




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