January 10, 2016

Happy New Year! After our extended Christmas break, it is so great to be back together. The First Graders were smiling and ready to get back to business!  I heard from the First Graders about the wonderful family time they had over the break. Our first project this past week was to make a goal for the new year. The thoughtful ideas blew me away. We are off to a great start in 2016!


In science, the students have a spent the week reviewing tools to measure weather we created and exploring weather websites on this list.ly. At the end of the week the students learned about the stages of the water cycle and how it relates to our weather.  We sang and danced to the Water Cycle song and created an anchor chart. The water cycle has some big words associated with it like precipitation, accumulation, evaporation and condensation. You may be hearing the water cycle song at home over the coming week! Finally on Friday afternoon, we were visited by Chris McGinness from KGW who shared his passion for meteorology with the class! The students created a list of questions about weather and Mr. McGinness answered each one. It was an awesome way to end our week! Thanks Mr. McGinness!



With the New Year, we will start some new procedures in First Grade.  Each Monday, I will send home a list of 10 spelling words we will be working on in class.  The students will be tested on the spelling words each Friday.  Next week we will have our first spelling test.  Each week, we will focus on one phonogram (word family) at a time, such for example the –all family would include ball, fall small ect.  Please look an informational letter and our first spelling list on Monday.

In math, the students learned the concept of related facts in a fact family. A fact family consists of 3 related numbers that make up 4 number sentences. For example 5, 2, 7 are a fact family with 5+2=7, 2+5=7, 7-2=5, 7-5=2 number sentences.

Starting next week, the students will have a math page for homework on Wednesday nights due on Thursday morning. Also First Graders will have the option of working on a math enrichment page each week. Please look for information in your First Graders homework folder.

On Friday morning, we were able connect via Facetime with Andrew’s mom and brother who are traveling in Washington DC to hear about their adventures. It was so amazing to hear about all they are seeing. Andrew’s mom even got a lobbyist to take some time to talk with us. The gentleman lobbyist who spoke to us was in DC doing the important work of trying to end the persecution of Christians in Iran and Iraq. Later on Friday, we were able to connect this experience with our Saint of the Day discussion. Thanks to Andrew’s mom and brother for taking the time to connect with us!


Here are some photos of us welcoming in the new year First Grade style.DSCN3554DSCN3557DSCN3560DSCN3577


Coming up:

Thursday, January 14th ~ All School Mass 2pm ~Join us!


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