December 7, 2015

This week in First Grade, we focused on the season of Advent. As our church begins a new liturgical year, the First Graders thought about preparing our hearts for Jesus. Our week kicked off with leading the school in prayer at our Monday morning prayer service. First Grader will be leading tomorrow morning as well and you are all invited to join us right after drop off in the gym. Leading the prayer service inspired some students to create a prayer service in the classroom. I loved it! Next, each table group worked together to create an Advent prayer paper chain. The First Graders discovered it can be challenging to work together to get a project done! The students practiced their letter writing skills by penning a letter to Jesus. Please read the heart filled letters on the bulletin board outside the classroom. DSCN3316DSCN3322DSCN3341DSCN3338DSCN3344

In science, we began our weather unit this week. First, the students told what they know about weather and then created a wonder for our wonder wall. The First Graders learned that weather is defined as what the air outside is like.  Thermometers measure the temperature of the air. Each student used a thermometer to measure the air inside the classroom and then went outside to read and record the temperature outside. Next week, students will be tracking weather in a city in the United States of their choice. This will be the first homework assignment of the year. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to look up the city and record information. Thanks for your support. Please complete the form sent in Friday Folders so your First Grader gets a city that is meaningful. The students will be creating a weather report video next week with the completed weather tracking information. Fun ahead!DSCN3325DSCN3324DSCN3330DSCN3327DSCN3333DSCN3336DSCN3369DSCN3367Moments from the week…DSCN3309DSCN3319DSCN3303DSCN3346DSCN3352DSCN3347DSCN3350

Thank you for supporting our Community Read time on Friday mornings!

Thank you for supporting our Community Read time on Friday mornings!

Coming up:

Monday, December 8th ~ First Grade leads prayer at Monday morning prayer service

Tuesday, December 9th ~ Mass for Immaculate Conception at 2:00 pm ~Join us




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