November 16, 2015

On Monday, the students learned about citizenship and wrote letters to veterans who we appreciate every day for our freedom. As we talked about Veteran’s Day and why we had Wednesday off, the students came up with a great list of words to draw from when writing their letters. The letters will be sent to soldiers through an organization called Operation Gratitude. The First Graders each created The Pledge of Allegiance book to show their understanding. We will continue to talk about The Pledge every morning after we say it to preserve and cement their knowledge.


Photos by Andrew, our class photographer this week.


We wrapped up our 6 week Global Read Aloud (#GRA15) by connecting with a Mr. Reed’s class in Lincoln, MA this week to reflect on our author study on Amy Krouse Rosenthal (If you haven’t read her books, you have to check them out!). By participating in this project, we read along with  more than 140,000 students around the world! We are working on a blog post showing each students favorite book. We saw that there are students just like us around the world enjoying the same stories. The students are learning through connecting that the world is full of students just like them. Through projects like this, the students are building skills to interact in a globally connected world with curiosity and compassion.DSCN3077DSCN3157

This week we continued to work with the concept of subtraction in math building on the idea of subtraction as a whole with a part taken away. This week our focus was on using comparison subtraction to find how many more or how many less. Each students chose a stuffed animal to create 2 subtraction stories and sentences using the 2 different subtraction concepts- take away and comparison. Students were allowed to fix and rework their stories until the learning was attained. Please play around with these concepts at home too!DSCN3158DSCN3160DSCN3180DSCN3181

Next week begins the school wide St. Vincent de Paul Thanksgiving food drive. Please bring in non-perishable food any day this coming week. We will be collecting in the classroom. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

It was another wonderful week in First Grade!


Coming up:

All Week St. Vincent de Paul Thanksgiving Food Drive

Friday, November 20th ~ Community read



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