November 8, 2015

The First Graders start each day with our literacy time. We have started our Literacy Centers where students work on reading and writing by listening to books, reading books, working with spelling words, writing stories, or working with a teacher. We are off to a great start with all working hard!


Working with words


Read to Someone


Reading Group with Mrs. Langhus


Listen to reading

This week in First Grade, the students began exploring the concept of subtraction in math. The First Graders learned subtraction is taking a part away from the whole. We practiced this concept by creating subtraction stories centering on the idea of taking away. The students learned important vocabulary including minus and difference. Each First Grader created a subtraction story post for our class blog. Check them out and comment!

This Tuesday we had a visit from Father Mike! He came to help us start our day with prayer. November is a month for remembering those who have died and gone on to live forever with God. Each day the First Graders learn about the Saint of the Day. You can download the app and join our daily discussion.We have been practicing finding the important parts of a saints life. On Thursday, The Madeleine School Mass was for the intermediate classes only so we met up with our Second Grade pals and studied an important saint from the week, St. Martin de Porres, to practice finding the important parts of his life. Check out the 3 websites we used aggregated here on this It is fun to collaborate with other classes to learn!DSCN3057DSCN3100DSCN3106DSCN3096

This week we started to break apart The Pledge of Allegiance to that the students will understand the words they are saying each morning. The students listened to books and discussed the importance of the words. There are a lot of hard words to talk about! Looking closely at the Pledge of Allegiance will lead into next weeks discussion of why we have next Wednesday off for Veteran’s day. DSCN3088

Mrs. Ullman visited our classroom this week to introduce the First Graders to Alphabet Yoga. It was very exciting take our shoes off in the classroom. We learned Archer, Butterfly and Cat/Cow poses. The students commented that they felt calm and relaxed after Mrs. Ullman’s visit. DSCN3138


Archer pose


Butterfly pose


Cow pose

Here are some fun photos from the week!DSCN3107DSCN3089


Coming up:

Wednesday, November 11th ~ No Sch0ol in honor of Veteran’s Day

Thursday, November 12th ~ All school Mass at 2:00 pm, join us!


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