October 25, 2015

Every day, the First Graders and I start and end our day with prayer. The subject of Religion is not limited to the time allotted on the schedule but weaves and swirls in and around each subject all day everyday. At the first  Mass of the year, Father Mike suggested we pray to the Holy Spirit to be present in our lives. Each day since, we have prayed to the Holy Spirit with this prayer:

Come, Holy Spirit. Dwell in my heart. Illuminate my mind. Direct my footsteps. Be my guide. Amen.


Reading Bibles at our Prayer Table


Reading the story of Jesus calming the storm on the iPads



The First Graders have been busy writing, documenting and posting about their learning on our classroom blog. The students have worked hard learning this new way to share their learning with an authentic audience…you! There is a spirit of working hard and helping each other when the iPads are out. You will find a post sharing a photo and sentence about our field trip last week to Mrs. Galash’s garden and one sharing about a main character from the fabulous book by Katherine Applegate The One and Only Ivan. I hope you can take the time to read and comment on a couple of blog posts. Remember to only include your first name or identify yourself as “Stacy’s Mom” for example. All posts and comments will be approved by me before they are ready to share. I am proud of these posts the First Graders have to share with you!DSCN2987


Some photos taken by our Class Photographer at Community Read on Friday! Great job, Mia!

IMG_7481 IMG_7489 IMG_7500 IMG_7504 IMG_7505 IMG_7507

I am looking foward to meeting with you at our scheduled conference!

We will be having a Halloween party on Tuesday, October 27th starting at 2:15 with costume changing.  Costumes should be sent to school in a bag with your First Graders name on it.  I encourage you to leave home any fragile or extra pieces of your child’s costume to prevent any broken item.  All parents are welcome to attend!

Coming up:

Tuesday, October 27th – Halloween Party 2:15 – 3:15 pm ~All are welcome!

No school Wednesday, Thursday or Friday this week for conferences


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