October 19, 2015

The week behind us was all about seeds! The First Graders wondered, thought about and learned about how seeds are sleepy in the fall. They have different ways they travel. Have your First Grader show you the different ways seeds travel with the hand motions we practiced. On Tuesday, we traveled down to the science lab to visit Ms. Yuhas who had a hands-on activity for the students. Each student chose a way a seed can travel then designed it with materials provided by Ms.  Yuhas and I. We love going to the science lab! The students observed seeds in the classroom as well noticing the different shapes, sizes and colors of them. Finally on Friday, we walked over to Mrs. Galash’s garden. The morning couldn’t have been more beautiful! The students listened to and watched Mrs. Galash’s as she showed us all the seed treasures in her garden. Thanks to the chaperons who lugged an iPad for each student to the garden so that they could take a photo of their seed observations for a future blog post. Stay tuned for the blog post! It was a great field trip!


In math this week, the First Graders continue to work on the concept of addition. The focus of this topic is not memorization but to use simple strategies to find the sum. We have identified using our fingers, a number line, a ten frame, drawing a picture or counting on as good strategies to use when combining two groups or adding on to a group. When practicing addition sentences at home, please ask your first grader about their thinking by asking which addition strategy they used to solve the problem. Each student created a strategy sheet you will find in the Friday Folder to use as a reference at home. DSCN2897

I am looking forward to meeting with parents for conference this coming Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. There will be a reminder email sent from the online program you used to sign up for your conference. Please fill out the pre-conference form sent home in the Friday Folders. Let me know ASAP if you need to change your time! Thanks!

Some candid photos from the week:


Dance Party Brain Break


More dancing!


Our Weather Leader doing her job.


Coming up:

Friday, October 23rd~ Fund raiser free dress “black and orange” $2, Community Read and First Grade Spiritual Gathering at the Matteri’s home.

Conferences coming up next week!



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