September 22, 2015

Thank you to all you parents for making it to Back to School Night last Thursday night! I feel we are off to an awesome start and am excited to work together with you this year. This will be a great year!

Before using any technology, the First Graders learned about safety on the internet. Using the Digital Citizenship Survival Kit idea from Craig Badruda and Terry Stoufer, the First Graders learned about the importance of being safe and responsible citizens online. We created a poster as a reminder of the items in our survival kit.
DSCN2528We used the extension cord to represent the need to unplug sometimes. It is important to use many tools when we are learning and technology is just one of them. DSCN2529

The toothbrush represents the need to keep some things private. We would never share our toothbrush with other just as we should never share private information about ourselves on our blogs or tweets. DSCN2530

We used a padlock to show the importance of keeping our passwords safe and locked up in our minds. Don’t share passwords!DSCN2531

The strainer represented the importance of knowing that not everything you read or find on the internet is true. We have to do our research to find out what is true and what is fiction. DSCN2532

The tattoo is to remind students that whatever you post on your blog or Twitter will stay~permanently!DSCN2533

Finally we took a nice piece of paper and crumpled it up and stomped on it. Then one student smoothed it out as best she could and apologized to it. The paper was still damaged even though it received an apology. The same goes for posting something mean online; sometimes you can’t completely fix the hurt you caused. The students were ready to take on technology!

Last week, we celebrated International Dot Day! We read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and talked about what the author was trying to tell us. The students had many ideas including “it is important to try when you think you can’t do something”. As an introduction to using technology in the classroom, we used the iPad minis to bring a flat dot to life using the app colAR. We will be using the iPads to blog in the coming weeks so be sure to follow our Kidblog here.

DSCN2552 DSCN2554

These First Graders are full of wonder! I love their curiosity and natural love of learning. Each student thought and thought, then he/she wrote a wonder note on our Wonder Wall. In First grade, we will do a bunch of wondering and asking questions that we are curious about. Keep checking the Wonder Wall for our latest wonders!

DSCN2559 DSCN2560

Each day we have ended the day doing what First Graders do best~ PLAY! Center time is a favorite for creating, building and designing. Check out these photos…

DSCN2516 DSCN2518 DSCN2523 DSCN2525 DSCN2527

Coming up:

Friday, September 25th ~ Our first Community Read! Please join us the first 15 minutes of class 8:25-8:40 for shared reading!

Many blessings,



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