September 13, 2015

We are off to a great start in First Grade. Thank you for getting your First Grader to school so excited for each day. Please remember to use the bathroom before coming to the door (many students have needed the restroom right after drop off) and please remember to pack a snack each day for morning recess ( it is a long time between breakfast and lunch) Thanks!

The beginning of the school year is about building our First Grade community. On the first full day of school, we read the book First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg and talked about how we all get the jitters! Fortunately, I had just the treat to get rid of those jitters…Jitter Juice! The students drank the magic potion while trying to guess the recipe. It was fun! We also read Kevin Henkes’ Chrysanthemum the first week of school with many students connecting to the message right away, our names are special. We created name mosaics to show the beauty of our names.



Jitter Juice is yummy!


A big smile for Jitter Juice!


I wonder what is in Jitter Juice?


Creating our name mosaics.

Books, books and more books! Reading is huge in First Grade. Books read aloud, reading with partners and individually all are important to a beginning readers growth.  The First Graders have loved exploring the classroom library and sharing with each other! We have many different cozy ways to read in the classroom and the students explored them all this week. Starting a week from this Friday, September 25th, I would like to invite parents, grandparents and siblings to come into the classroom from 8:30-8:45 for Community Read. This is a time to read with your First Grader in the classroom exploring the books we have read or books interesting to your First Grader. I hope by you will join us as often as you can each Friday morning of First Grade!


Our book nook is perfect for sharing or individual reading.


Carpet squares can be moved anywhere.


Students can read sitting or standing.


First Graders reading on the carpet exploring the book bins.

First Graders reading on the carpet exploring the book bins.

This Thursday, September 17th, The Madeleine School will be having a Friendship Family picnic for lunch. Instead of lunch First Graders are asked to bring 8 servings of snack items to share with their school “family”. The school will be eating together outside under the cover on the basketball courts. This is a fun event to start the year off by connecting students from all grades in our Madeleine community.

Coming Up:

Thursday, September 17th ~

  • Friendship Family Picnic for students (pack 8 snacks)
  •  Back to School Night 7 pm

Friday, September 25th ~ Community Read 8:30-8:45 Please come!

God Bless,



One response to “September 13, 2015

  1. Thank you Jenn! This is so wonderful! What a great classroom library you have! After his first day Cole came home and said, “Mom, there are Scooby Doo books and fiction and non-fiction and a bucket of science books!!”

    I love the blog as a way to keep us connected and a tool for engaging our kids in their day.

    See you soon,

    Mary Starrs

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